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Take this label in stride as it doesn't really matter (some people are even turned on by the notion) and take comfort in the fact that your dating landscape is twice as wide as that of wholly straight or gay individuals!

Homosexuality is still considered by some in the United States as immoral or unnatural, but the general population's opinion on the issue has been steadily swaying in the direction of acceptance, for some time, and at this point, being a homophobe is seen by many in the same light as being a racist.

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Gaydar is always there for you whenever you want to meet other guys - for chat, dating and relationships.A source told the Mirror: "Sam is really into Tay and they have spent a lot of time together."They were in Freedom Bar in central London last weekend and couldn't hide their attraction to one another from fellow clubbers."Sam kept cheekily grabbing Tay when he thought no one was looking and they even had a snog at the end of the night after ending up at club XXL until 5am." The pair allegedly then went out on Thursday to the same club before going for drinks at a nearby hotel and were "kissing in front of lots of people."It's reported Sam likes Tay because he isn't as famous as he is. Freedom Bar was also where mum-of-two Zoe snogged Tay and while she brushed the kiss off as a stupid error he seemed to enjoy every minute.He told the Mirror: "She was dancing closer to me until she was right next to me, she started to grind against me and put her arms around my neck."She very naturally leaned in for a kiss and was very confident.Put yourself in more liberal or neutral environments and your odds of stumbling across other bisexual people increases.Dance clubs are a good bet, as are shopping malls and fashion based establishments.

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