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Ruhama says the stark and explicit poster image “depicts the reductive nature of the sex trade” and the silhouette of a woman’s body “represents women who may be any age, ethnicity, nationality but whose worth in prostitution is placed solely on the commercialisation of their bodies for sex”.Sarah Benson, CEO, Ruhama said: This poster contradicts the glamorous veneer and images used to advertise and normalise prostitution. Join some of the smartest and brightest people in our fast-paced drive for success.Every day we take on unique, challenging, and exciting projects—and that’s why we enjoy our work. Apply Now Maxim does not accept unsolicited résumés from external agencies with which we do not have an existing relationship.Increasingly, teachers are speaking out on non-human sentience and unnecessary suffering for these beings.

Who the person in prostitution really is becomes irrelevant in this interaction.Behind Tenzin Gyatso’s veneer of enlightenment lies a , committed against the very people he is supposed to protect.The Shugden community is aptly described as the latest victim of the Dalai Lama’s prolonged attempt to establish an absolute powerbase among the exiled Tibetans throughout the world.Maxim will not be bound by any commitments, whether verbal or written, that are not contained in the agreement.Any résumés submitted to any employee of Maxim without a standard recruiter agreement in place will be considered property of Maxim.

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