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I still get random comments from readers and after the last comment I decided to look into the statistics of this post. It all sounded good in my head, when I thought about writing this post. Could be the economy, could be because I am black, could be my luck run out. Socially…that is something else and that is all I am saying. There is a program on TV, a kind of docu/reality series called “Den Sorte Arbejde”, directly translated means “The Black Work”.As I write the thought running through my head is “what do you want to say, what has truly changed, is it relevant and is it at all related to you being black” A lot has changed. It follows the life of a Nigerian couple who own a cleaning business.I have two children now, own part of a mortgage, got a steady income, still married to a great guy, still love and like him yet I still pine for home. I pine because I am at crossroads in my self journey. I feel that if I had not been in Denmark, my journey would have PERHAPS been easier. I feel Denmark stripped me of my confidence and I haven’t fully gotten her back. As a black woman it leaves a funny taste in my mouth, because when you watch this show, you are not laughing with them, but at them.In the 1960s, cars were threatening to displace bicycles in the main Danish cities.Here’s one from this week, from Teddy in Ghana: I WANT TO KNOW IF DANES WOMEN WILL DATE A GHANAIAN MAN. And one from last month, from Alex: “Hi, I’d like to know if Danish girls would date a bi-racial Brazilian guy.” And one from late last year: “I’m a gay African American male who would like to date a Dane. ” Basically, a lot of the mail I get is from men, wanting to know how they can get some action in Denmark. I know of several babies of mixed heritage here in Denmark.While I can’t offer any personal insights on gay dating in Denmark, I can tell you that male-female dating in Denmark is hard, even for the Danes, and it will probably be hard for you too.Denmark was drawn to compete in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest which took place on .

Ten songs competed in a televised show where the winner was selected over two rounds of voting.Second of all, Denmark is a very non-hierarchal society, very flat structure.I think it’s fair enough to say most women will prefer a man with a steady job, but saying you have a top management position just means that you have to spend a lot of time working and not as much time with your family and friends. So instead, if you want to impress a Danish woman, talk about how your work benefits society at large, particularly how it benefits people who don’t have a lot of resources.I thought blacks had it bad in England, but I gotta tell you, we have it worse here. As a person of color you feel it and if one is not careful, it drags you down slowly.Danes are generally mistrustful of all people brown or black. I have been told it is worse in Germany and France.. but at least you have black professionals in those countries.. you should see how surprised people are when they learn of my qualifications and then smile and say..

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