Dating tiffany silver marks

In its pure elemental form, silver has a white metallic appearance.

It also has a high luster (shiny), is very soft (scratches easily) and is quite malleable (can be hammered into different shapes).

If it is an heirloom, then it has sentimental value and you should use it often, with love.All Sterling created in the United States after 1850 will be stamped with one of three marks: If the silver does not have this mark, it is not sterling unless it is very old.If you suspect that your silver is quite old and may not be marked you can take it to a professional to have it acid tested.The following is a discussion of the major Canadian manufacturers of sterling silverware in the 20 century.Henry Birks & Company was established in Montreal in 1879 as a retail jeweller.

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Over the next 50 years Birks expanded by buying up established jewellers across the country.

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