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The main character is Dan, a newly divorced guy around 50 years old, played by Jim Woodbury with wincing cynicism that gradually gives way to easygoing charm.The play opens at the wedding of his 49-year-old best friend Harold (comically crass Mark Alan Flores) to 24-year-old Andrea (amusingly squeaky-voiced Amanda Vogel), whom he’s pretty clearly marrying mainly because it makes him feel virile to be with an attractive young woman, not because of any particular interest in Andrea as a person.We generate samples by amalgamating many individual clasts in order to average over their widely different exposure histories.Depth profiles of such amalgamated samples allow us to constrain the mean inheritance, to test for the possible importance of stirring, and to estimate the age of the surface.Our events offer a fresh alternative to speed dating and matchmaking.We don't find anything romantic about whistles, name-tags or over-the-top party trimmings typically found at singles events so we have done away with them.That the depth-dependent parts of the profiles are exponential argues against significant post-depositional displacement of clasts within the deposit.Our technique yields Be age estimates of 60±9, 102±16 and 151±24 ka for the three highest terraces, corresponding to isotope stages 4, 5d and 6, respectively.

We present a method for dealing with the problem of pre-depositional inheritance of cosmogenic nuclides.Thousand-year-old pit houses, petroglyphs, and other Fremont artifacts were discovered at Range Creek, Utah.Nearby Nine Mile Canyon has long been known for its large collection of Fremont rock art.The Fremont culture or Fremont people is a pre-Columbian archaeological culture which received its name from the Fremont River in the U. state of Utah where the first Fremont sites were discovered by local Native Americans known as Utes and Navajo.In the Navajo culture the pictographs are credited to people who lived before the flood.

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Harold tells Dan he’s got to get one of these younger women — these “hood ornaments of God,” as he puts it later in the play.

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