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Suk Chun explained in an online post yesterday that the paper fan was a gift from a fan.

He made a public apology to Jae Joong for accepting the paper fan without knowing the meaning behind the words printed on it.

In January 2013 he released his first EP, titled I, followed by a full-length album, WWW in October the same year.

Kim was born Han Jae-joon (한재준; 韩在俊) in Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.

It's a pretty interesting (and kinda creepy) aspect of fan culture.

Er, apologizing ahead of time if this seems defensive in any way.

Sun Chun was seen holding a paper fan with the words “Yun Jae” (which stands for Yunho and Jae Joong) printed on it.

He is best known as a member of the Korean pop group JYJ, and was one of the original members of boy band TVXQ.

Kim was also known by the stage names Hero Jaejoong (in South Korea), Jejung (ジェジュン) (in Japan), and 英雄在中 (영웅재중) (in China).

I would say he is one of the best looking men in Korea.

I think Jaejoong has hinted at his sexual preference in a smart way especially in past two years "i have never written a song for a woman",“what if people think i’m gay” , “i’ll never tattoo a woman’s name on my body” , " my fans are more jealous of actors than actresses “about his interactions with his co -stars, ” my heart never flutters when i’m doing kissing scenes" , " “…when I’m drinking, it’s 9 out of 10 chances that it’s among boys. whenever I go drinking, I don’t usually call girls up. In my phonebook, there’s female celebrities and excluding the female staff, I only have three female celebrities’ number … ” / or how he bluntly says he has bad chemistry with actresses but not actors “I always have weird chemistry.

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Sun Chun was seen holding a paper fan with the words “Yun Jae” (which stands for Yunho and Jae Joong) printed on yunjae fans are so depressing, this reminds me when some yunjae fan said that go ahra signed somehting like 'yunjae forever' in her autograph. How did they get to be so convinced that they were real? Yunho and Jaejoong never seemed to have special chemistry at all.

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