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Yesterday, our SSL certificate expired for our mail.Outlook Web Access website.Naturally, this threw an error that the cert was expired when people tried to log in from a web browser, and stopped email traffic in and out on mobile devices.The collaboration between Microsoft and Cloudmark further extends the reach of Cloudmark's messaging security technology to Microsoft enterprise customers using Forefront Security for Exchange Server."The next generation of Forefront Security for Exchange is part of Microsoft Forefront codename ' Stirling,' an integrated security suite that delivers comprehensive protection across endpoints, collaboration, messaging and the edge that is easier to manage and control," said John Chirapurath, director of identity and security product management at Microsoft."We are excited about our integration with Cloudmark's content filtering technology, as part of our broad strategy to provide customers with 'business-ready security' that helps companies manage risk, improve compliance and empower their people."Spam and other malware attacks continue to increase in sophistication, speed and frequency.In order for some GAL entries to show up properly you may need to turn off Cached Exchange Mode.Please visit the document on How to turn on or off Cached Exchange Mode for (Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2013).Instances of mail that is bounced back to the sender may also be fixed.Please use the steps below to update your Global Address Book.

The solution also integrates on-premise and hosted-filtering services into a single solution.Outlook 2011 does not use Exchange Cached mode and directly connects to the Global Address Book (GAL) via LDAP connection.In this case your global address book will update each time Send/Receive is pressed.The content and emails in the mailboxes are not refreshed, i.e.only the old emails are shown, and new emails are not downloaded to Outlook, even though the status bar stated that the folder is updated.

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