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Erster Platz wurde Wahdate Mili, zweiter wurde Jawanan, dritter wurde Don Bosco Pamir. Heinz Lehner, Casino Wien, Gemeinderat 1210 Wien Herr Bozsoki für Ihre Unterstützung und FAC für die Bereitstellung Ihres Platzes. You can find fun, attractive men and women from Islamabad for FREE right now. Just click on the city in Islamabad nearest to you to meet quality singles looking to chat. O my Allah, in Your name I have lawfully taken her (as my wife) and I have appropriated and treated her (as) Your bounty entrusted to me, so if You decide to put a child in her womb, please make (this child) submissive, blessed, intelligent and do not let Shaytan be one of the two therein and let him not plant (himself with the child).ALLAAHUMMA INNEE AS-ALUKA BIMAA SA-ALAKA BIHEE ZAKARIYYAA RABBI LAA TAD'ARNEE FARDAW WA ANTA KHAYRUL WAARITHEEN ALLAAHUMMA HAB LEE MIL LADUNKA D'URRIYYATAN T'AYYIBAH INNAKA SAMEE - U'D DU-A'AA ALLAAHUMMA BISMIKA ISTAH'LALTUHAA WA FEE AMAANATIKA AKHAD'TUHAA FA-IN QAZ'AYTA FEE RAH'IMIHAA WALADAN FAJ-A'LHOO GHULAAMAN MUBAKARAN D'AKIYAAN WA LAA TAJ-A'L LISH SHAYT'AANI FEEHI SHIRKAN WA LAA NAS'EEBAA DU-A'A 225 If there is no birth of a child for a long time take two boiled eggs (chicken) take off the cover and write with saffron verse 47 of adh Dhariyat on one egg and give to the wife to eat; then write with saffron verse 48 of ad Dhariyat on the other egg and give it to the husband to eat. DU-A'A 226 If it appears that the wife is incapable of producing a child write the following verses (Al Muminun: 12, 13, 14) on 7 leaves of sweet basil (an aromatic labiate plant) separately, and give one leaf a day to the wife to eat with a glass of cow's milk each time.

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